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It's Not The Perfume That You Wear ...

... and (just in case you were wondering) OF COURSE it's not the ribbons in your hair!

Hello again!! The year's zipped by, and here's hoping you're all taking good care of yourselves AND each other.

Our dear friend Bryan's moved north and it's all going well for him - we know you'd like to join us in thanking him for all the fun we've had together during his time in the band.

We've decided we'd like to try working as a 4-piece (well ... Bryan's irreplaceable for starters!) and have been rehearsing hard. Things have really started to gel in this format and we had a particularly enjoyable night at the Hellenic last time out.

Coming up is a return to the same venue later this month, followed by some planned time out before a very busy year's end, courtesy of some gigs at various Vikings venues. We're especially pleased to be doing New Year's Eve once again at Chisholm - always a favourite for band and dancers alike.

So, check the gig guide and let's see you soon for a Top Night Out!!

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