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​Greetings music-lovers! And incidentally - Brrrrrrrrrr - it's freeeezing, isn't it!

We're pleased to say that our first gig with new drummer Johnno went really well. On a public holiday weekend we had a fantastic turnout - the Burns Club was rocking from one end to the other. Johnno enjoyed himself immensely with his new bandmates and the feeling was definitely mutual.

As well as the many welcome familiar faces, there were a good few newcomers enjoying a Top Night Out. Let's hope we see you all again in August at the same venue - it'll be our debut in that shiny new performance area.

As they say, photos or it never happened - our great pal Mick was unavailable, so evidence of that great evening lives only on the many phones that snapped away as we played. Thankfully we'll be able to rectify that in a month or so, and we can't wait.

In the meantime we'll be making a brief appearance on Saturday 6th July at the Irish Club in Weston, supporting our great friends Deep Water with one opening set of some of our most popular numbers. This show will be of interest to any Richard Clapton fans, and well worth checking out.

Wherever it is, we're looking forward to the next time we see you all, and in the meantime - keep warm!!


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