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New Kid In Town!

Hi all! We hope you've all been keeping well since our last Top Night Out together. Farewelling our beloved Heff was emotional but we had such a great time with all of you that night, and we know our friend is already enjoying his new life on the coast.

We've been extremely lucky to recruit a new drummer so quickly, and of such good quality. We can't wait to start gigging together following several fun and productive rehearsals.

His names Johnno, hence the corny Eagles "Johnny Come Lately" reference (blogging's even harder work than gigging some nights!!). Johnno is a well-known face on the local scene and brings his own style of drumming as well as excellent backing vocals.

We're really stoked about the ways our sound can develop from here, and would love to see you down at the Burns Club on Saturday 25th - same great Topshelf songs, with an exciting new dimension.

Whatever you have planned, keep safe and wrap up warm. See you for a Top Night Out really soon!


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