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Can Almost Smell The Perfumed Nights

That's right! Summer is so close now that we can almost touch it!!

First of all a very important heads up - our gig on 2nd December will ***NOT*** be going ahead. Sorry about that, but it's completely unavoidable.

How have you all been? It's been a great year for us, with Craig having joined on keys, bringing so many new musical possibilities into play.

We've added a new "Sounds" tab to this site so that you can take a listen to tracks we've recorded at gigs or rehearsals, and will be adding to this regularly.

As always, though, however much fun we have doing everything else, the gigs are the most important thing, and we've had some corkers this year. Thanks so much for coming along in such numbers and partying along with us.

There are already a couple of shows booked for 2024, but let's close out the year with a Top Night Out on December 16th at the wonderful Burns Club - hope to see you there!!


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