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Only take a minute just to sing my song

Howya going, music-lovers?

Hope you're all keeping snug this winter - we 'Shelfers can only recommend our usual remedy ... a good night out dancing in great company!

Things were pretty toasty at a well-attended Hellenic Club the other night, just as they were at Lanyon Vikings a couple of weeks earlier. Thanks to everyone who ventured out!

We've got return visit to Erindale Vikings coming up this weekend, followed by some more of that special Hellenic warmth the weekend after that.

We just received a very early booking for a December gig, which reminds us - don't forget Topshelf when you're planning YOUR Christmas party. We won't lie to you - of COURSE we can't guarantee that Boney Maroney will be there, let alone Long Tall Sally - but we'll be doing everything we can to make sure that Everything's gonna be Right, Right, Right!

See you soon, we hope - check the Gig Guide and follow us on Facebook for the most up-to-the minute reminders!

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