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Looking for a band?

We're an experienced 4 piece covers band and have been working around the Canberra music scene since 2000.

Our roots may be deep in the Aussie rock tradition, but we've evolved over the years into an entertaining and professionally presented functions band.

Take a tour around our site and get in touch if you're interested in booking us, or even just coming along to see us at a gig!


TOP Nights Out

A Topshelf show isn't just another night with an uninterested band who don't entertain you - or who don't play the music you love to dance or sing along to.

Our philosophy is simple ... you're having a Top Night Out, and so are we - every single time!

We put on the full show - our music spans the generations and the genres ... all the way from the 60s right up to more recent dancefloor favourites.


We also like to play some tunes you don't hear other bands doing!

TOP Venues

We're all Canberra-based, so we get a real buzz out of playing some of our favourite pubs, clubs and halls.


You'll find us at all the best venues around, whether playing a regular show or a private function - Hellenic Club, National Press Club, the National Gallery, Australia's Parliament House, Rose Cottage Inn, Mawson Club, Australian War Memorial and The Burns Club ... to name just a few!

Come along and catch one of our shows soon!


TOP Functions

We bring the very same enthusiasm, energy and expertise to a function as we do to our regular shows ... with, of course, one extra-special ingredient. You, your friends and your family!


We would love to hear from you if you're planning that important event, and discuss the many ways in which we can help everything run smoothly. 


Whatever the occasion, we want you to enjoy us, remember us ... and perhaps even recommend us to your friends!

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