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To The Beat Of A Drum ...

Greetings Music Lovers! Hoping you're all well, and settling into 2024. It was brilliant to see so many of you at the February Burns Club gig - we certainly had a Top Night Out, and the atmosphere looked pretty good out there on the dancefloor!

A very special occasion, but sad for us 'Shelfers, is coming up ... our drummer Ian will be playing his last gig with us on Saturday March 23rd at the Burns Club.

Ian, of course, is far more than a (mighty fine) drummer to us - his contribution to the band since 2000 has been immeasurable behind the scenes too. It's hard to put into words how much he'll be missed, but life has done its usual thing and it's time for Ian and family to follow a new path.

Good luck and heartfelt thanks for everything, Heff!!

At this bittersweet moment, perhaps the best remedy comes via the words of Canberra's very own Jim Murphy - let's remember the good times! Hundreds of great gigs taking in most local venues that any of us could name, with Ian's skill and commitment a given on every single occasion, always personifying that sense of enjoyment of what we in this band do together.

It's clear that Ian's very special to you, too (the "we love you, Ian!" chants are a bit of a giveaway), so please try to get along to the gig to give him the send-off he deserves. He'd love to greet you one last time, and we really hope you can make it along - see you there!


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