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Stop! Hey! What's That Sound?

Oh? THAT sound, you mean? The really cool one?

Ah, yes, that'll be Craig on the keys - Craig's recently joined us, and is a well-known face on the Canberra covers scene. We're so pleased to have him with us, and are working hard on integrating this exciting new dimension into the Topshelf sound.

The much sadder news we have to tell you is that our great friend Simon has had to leave the band. We salute you, Simon, and thank you for your huge efforts to learn our songs and the great way you delivered them on stage for those couple of gigs we did with you. We were looking forward to many more, but life has come and got in the way ... we'll miss your fun personality, great vocals and tasty guitar licks, and are so lucky to have known you.

Good luck with the things you have to take care of now, and please don't be a stranger!

Anyway, a big Hi to all our followers. Howya going? Hoping all is well with you as summer begins to tease us with a few hints of what it might bring.

We're especially pleased to announce a couple of gigs next year at the Burns Club, where we had such a brilliant time a few months ago seeing you all again. There are other opportunities in the pipeline too - we might be getting quite busy! Please check the Gig Guide on this website and stay informed of developments up to the minute on Facebook.

Take care out there as the festivities begin to really ramp up - drive safely and (as the man said) Wear Sunscreen!! See you all in 2023 ...


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