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Summer's On The Run

Yep ... or to be more specific at the time of writing, it's up and gone. Just as well Autumn in Canberra is even nicer, even if there aren't half as many songs written about it!

At least we managed to nab one last balmy evening out there on the amazing Burns Club deck - what a great spot that is. Add in a wonderful Topshelf crowd to power us along as we got back on stage for the first time in months and it's definitely a Top Night Out all round ...

We really did appreciate you joining in with all the new material (especially Boys Of Summer) and welcoming our keyboardist Craig so warmly on his Topshelf debut - thanks! The packed dancefloor for the entire evening was ample reward for all the hard work of the past few months and it was great to see so many familiar faces out there grooving away. As the saying goes, you can always make new friends, but you can't make old friends.

Let's do it again in June at the same venue (although probably indoors rather than out!), and do keep an eye on Facebook for the Burns Club photos and any new gig announcements, as we're expecting to pick up more work now that our lineup is settled. Seeya!!


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