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Welcome to Life on the Shelf!

It's been a lot of fun getting this new website together. One or two of us have some IT experience, but none in actual web design ... or at least none that anyone's prepared to own up to!

We'll be keeping this Blog as up to date as we can, but don't forget our Facebook page, which is always packed with news and photos. See the link at the bottom, under "Follow Us".

Looking back on the year so far, it's actually been quite a few months since we last played at Rose Cottage. In fact, the problem at that time was keeping ourselves cool in the middle of summer ... not something we'll have to worry about this Saturday night! A couple of years ago it would have been hard to imagine setting up and playing on that main stage on a June evening, but it's really warm and snug since they put in the big alterations down there.

Come along if you can, and have a Top night out with us!!

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